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Employee Engagement Survey

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The Conditions of Engagement: 

Do employees feel valued? Are they contributing to organizational effectiveness?

Employees’ engagement levels are based on the work culture, their managers, the degree to which skills match the job requirements, and interactions with team members.

A meaningful employee engagement initiative should be designed to uncover not only what makes people feel valued, but also what changes can lead to greater individual effectiveness— and ultimately, improved organizational effectiveness and customer loyalty.

We believe employee engagement should be viewed strategically and in the context of your business mission and goals. When approached in this holistic way, engaged employees focus on behaviors that align with your business, and your management team fosters a culture in which these behaviors and related employee accomplishments are recognized and rewarded.

We believe all employees – no matter their job or professional level – fall into one of these categories:

  • Entrepreneurs. These employees excel in their roles and bring new, creative thinking to their work. They have the ability, motivation, and enthusiasm to bring ongoing value to the business. However, when dissatisfied or disheartened, these employees can fall short of their potential and could be at risk for turnover.
  • Contributors. These employees have track records of solid performance. When motivated and feeling valued, they are dependable and reliable contributors. When dissatisfied, they can become resentful and can bring negativity to work teams.
  • Consumers. These employees take more than they give back to the business. At best, they’re unaware of how and why they should be doing more; at worst, these employees sabotage the work environment.

Our employee engagement model will give you a new way to look at your workforce and uncover specific actions that can accelerate your mission and drive success.

Tara 5The Steps to Strategic Employee Engagement 

  1. We meet with you and your executive team to learn more about your business, challenges, and immediate and long-term goals.
  2. We start with a core survey using elements proven to measure engagement and address the four mission accelerators: culture, leadership, team performance, individual alignment.
  3. We then add customized items to the employee engagement survey that tap into your culture and strategic objectives. The final survey takes employees only about five minutes to complete.
  4. We administer the survey using flexible cutting-edge technology (administered online, via mobile, or paper).
  5. We provide easy-to understand, actionable data that helps you and your managers quickly hone in on key issues.
  6. We work with you to link engagement results to key business metrics such as customer satisfaction, quality and financial results to further understand current engagement and to pave the way for meaningful, ongoing change.
  7. Finally, we coach leaders on how to use employee feedback to remove barriers and accelerate the accomplishment of top departmental or organizational priorities.

Superior Reporting for Business Insight: 

Our clients tell us that our analysis and reporting stands apart from their experiences with other companies. We take extra care with reporting because we know that if data is difficult to interpret, it usually is ignored.

  • No more waiting for reports. Data is available several days after the survey closes (for online surveys).
  • Permissions-based access. We can assign and manage viewing rights so managers see only the data that is relevant to them.
  • Customized filters. We organize and present data in ways that correlate with your organizational structure and demographic variables.
  • Dashboard view. The report dashboard lets you see data at a high-level and drill down to see more detail.
  • Easy report sharing. You can easily export the entire report, or just specific pages or sections to share.
  • Engagement drivers. Our proprietary algorithm identifies the top two items that will most quickly drive employee engagement and yield business impact. The engagement driver report will recommend key areas that will lead to greatest and fastest improvement.
  • Normative comparisons and more. Our database includes responses from approximately 1.3 million employees from 2,600 organizations. We’ll compare your organization’s scores to relevant results in this database. But, more importantly, we’ll work with you year over year to focus on those items most important to your unique culture and goals.
  • Get the whole picture. We make understanding the relationship between the employee experience, the customer experience, and other business outcomes easy, with simple reports that highlight how key stakeholders lead to results.

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