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360° Leadership Acceleration Survey

High performing leaders are a key leverage point for any successful organization. They communicate strategic direction and priorities and engage employees to energetically focus their efforts. Our research finds that high performing leaders are:

  • 37 times more likely to supervise employees who intend to stay with the organization 
  • 27 times more likely to lead employees who view the organization as effective
  • 4 times more likely to have effective teams

The key to effective leadership is creating a balance between driving results and valuing employees.

Tara 4.pdfHowever, managers often do not have an accurate understanding of how well they balance these two critical aspects of leadership. Feedback from employees, peers, and one’s supervisor provides important self-awareness that can accelerate a manager’s skills so that he or she has the biggest impact on achieving the organization’s goals.

The 360° Leadership Acceleration Survey will help your organization develop entrepreneurial leaders who bring out the best in others to drive results, foster innovation, and achieve your mission.

Our Approach:

We work with organizations to understand their strategy, design a scientifically valid survey instrument that aligns with the organization’s mission, administer and report data in an easy and simple way, and consult with leaders so they understand how to get the most out of their results.

Our Process:

  • We start by learning your organization’s mission and strategic priorities to identify a future-oriented view of the leadership competencies required for success
  • The organization’s strategic competencies are used to design a short (typically around 30 items), valid and reliable feedback survey
  • Survey responses are collected from employees, peers and supervisor using a flexible online platform
  • Leaders are provided an easy-to-understand, actionable report that highlights areas of genius and opportunity
  • We provide a summary report for the organization to identify opportunities for organization-level interventions
  • Follow-up guides to support the leader and his or her supervisor
  • Leadership survey results can be linked to strategic business metrics such as customer satisfaction and employee engagement and retention
  • Our PRC coaches can provide coaching sessions to help supervisors and participants create plans to accelerate leadership skills

Why our 360 is different:Tara 6.jpg

  • Validated survey content
  • Focus on Results and People
  • Flexible administration
  • Survey content available for front-line leaders and senior leaders
  • Simple and easy to understand reporting
  • A short survey with focused items:
    • Results in higher participation
    • Leaders spend less time trying to understand data and get to action planning faster


Features of the Leadership Acceleration 360 Report:

  • Understand if the leader’s style is balanced toward achieving results and valuing people
  • Highlights areas of genius, opportunity, and blind spots
  • Identifies gaps between the leader’s rating of performance and the ratings of others
  • Narrative comments provide rich detail on areas of genius and opportunity

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Contact PRC today to discuss customizing the Leadership Acceleration Survey for your Leaders.