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Organizational Culture Survey Tool

Without intentionality, organizational culture takes on a life of its own. Understanding culture and how it aligns to the strategy of the organization is critical. A successful culture balances a people focus with achieving results. It looks both internally and externally to maximize a positive impact on all stakeholders. An ideal organizational culture is one that is stable in terms of mission and values yet flexible enough to adapt to changes in the external environment.

Our organizational culture survey tool, called the Culture Acceleration Survey, is designed to help organizations define and diagnose their organizational culture to determine if it is healthy and well aligned with the organization’s strategy.

This organizational culture survey tool can be used to: Graph depicting benefits that are determined by the organizational culture survey tool

  • Help an organization identify and define its values
  • Determine if the members of a leadership team have a consistent vision for the organization’s culture
  • Assess how employees view current culture compared to the ideal culture
  • Determine the similarities and differences between two organizations that are involved in an acquisition or merger

Uncover what leaders and employees believe about:

  • Innovation: tolerance for risk, embracing change, fostering creativity
  • Customer Focus: degree of emphasis on the customer experience, seeking and responding to customer feedback
  • Driving Financial Results: holding others accountable, being fiscally responsible, focusing on achieving results
  • Employees: degree of emphasis placed on employee development, motivating and inspiring others, concern for employee well-being
  • Corporate Citizenship: the importance of caring for the community and being active in meaningful ways
  • Quality: commitment to quality standards, flawless execution and continuous improvement
  • Organizational Enthusiasm: company spirit, passion and enthusiasm for the organization
  • Integrity: commitment to always doing the right thing, adhering to high ethical standards
  • Partners and Suppliers: Creating a win-win environment with business partners

Given that culture is the foundation and competitive advantage of any successful organization, taking the time to understand and give shape to a culture that is best-suited to accelerate the company’s mission is a critical best practice. The Culture Acceleration Survey is the first step in understanding where a company culture is today so that it can be leveraged in the future.

The Organizational Culture Survey Report gives insight into:

  • Where there are similarities or differences in the perception of culture by groups (i.e., leadership compared to employees; two merging organizations)
  • Cultural strengths and opportunities
  • What drivers of culture are most important to achieving strategic objectives
  • How to take action to have the biggest impact

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