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Engagement and Culture Surveys

Employee Engagement Survey

Through nearly 20 years of research, we know that not all engagement is created equal. The enthusiasm and commitment of engaged employees must be targeted to create a competitive advantage for the organization. In partnership with Newmeasures survey experts, Powers Resource Center works with clients to design a customized employee engagement survey that is designed to uncover barriers that may be getting in the way of your organization’s success. Learn more here.

Culture Survey

Culture is the foundation of any business and can be a true competitive advantage when it is defined with intentionality and monitored and cared for. An entrepreneurial culture is one that innovates by balancing a people focus with achieving results, as well as looking both internally and externally to maximize a positive impact on all stakeholders. Learn more here.

Custom Survey Design

The feedback from surveys is only as good as the questions that are asked. Reliable, valid and strategic surveys give you data that allow you to draw sound conclusions and take meaningful action. You can leverage our extensive survey library, our partner team of Industrial Organizational Psychologists to help you design the right survey for your organization.

  • Hone in on a specific topic such as recognition, diversity, communication or teamwork
  • Conduct a “pulse” survey to check-in on a critical topic
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a new program or initiative
  • Check-in on various points in the employee life cycle (onboarding, post-training, exit)

Contact us to learn more about our surveys and how they help move your business forward.