What would happen if you became the leader you know you’re meant to be?

As a leader, you have unique challenges. You’re not only responsible for overseeing and engaging in many of the day-to-day activities that keep the company afloat, but you’re also expected to create, champion, and execute the bigger vision for the company. Our customized and immersive executive leadership coaching programs are designed to help you discover your sweet spot – the place where your desire to be a top performer and respected leader meets your drive to contribute to the company’s bottom line. We also use our proven A5 Leadership Acceleration Coaching Process to align our executive coaching with what is most important to you and assess our progress.


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“What Tara brought me was a whole new perspective on coaching and leadership and tools on how to be more expressive and communicative with my peers and leaders. Tara let me learn without telling me what to do and guided me on a path to successful interactions with my executive team. Thank you for the eye opening experience.”- Shannon, Business Support Manager, Bank of America

When we work together, we use a variety of tools, assessments, and experiential activities designed to help you more effectively:

  • Articulate a compelling vision for yourself and those you lead
  • Demonstrate depth in understanding strategic issues facing the company
  • Display confidence when presenting ideas or expressing opinions
  • Make strategic decisions and take actions on the right things
  • Define gaps and specific steps to help you get there
  • Delegate more effectively
  • Build your executive presence and poise
  • Deal with conflict and provide difficult feedback
  • Practice communication intelligence
  • Effectively organize and prioritize your workload
  • Adapt quickly and positively to changing priorities and goals
  • Embrace your own leadership style and leverage your strengths
  • Maximize your leadership potential
  • Build trust and respect with your team
  • Develop an annual communication plan that identifies audience and objectives










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“My biggest challenge involved communication, how to understand my audience and more effectively make my point. I immediately felt a connection to Tara. She made me feel comfortable with who I am and excited at who I could become. I am now able to remove the emotion and passion from much of my decision making and interactions with others and I have been able to re-direct some of that energy into solutions for problems and challenges I might face. At some point, everyone wants to be better than they currently are. You just need to believe in yourself. Having support and guidance from a professional is the fastest path to success! Thanks Tara, I could not have gone through this transformation without you!” – Stephanie, Catering Director at Denver Zoo


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