There are many reasons why teams fail. There’s one proven way to help them succeed.

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team© is a proprietary, assessment-based learning experience designed to help your team take advantage of its greatest competitive advantage – teamwork. But, this is not your average team build opportunity. Based on the best-selling book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team this program helps individuals and organizations reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent and effective way possible.


This program is for teams that:


  • truly behave as a team – members meet on a regular basis, they share common goals, and they are collectively responsible for results
  • are willing to invest time and emotional energy in the process
  • have a strong leader who believes in the power of teamwork and is prepared to lead the effort in terms of setting an example and dedicating time to the process
  • have been together for at least 2 months
  • have the time necessary to devote to the program (if there are too many looming and conflicting deadlines, it’s probably not the right time for this program)


Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team reportsIf that sounds like your team, let’s dig in. As an Authorized Partner of the program, PRC can help you and your organization build stronger and more cohesive teams. Your team members will learn how to trust one another, engage in productive conflict, commit to decisions, hold each other accountable, and focus on achieving collective results. Through the use of activities, video reviews, and discussions, we will lead your team through the powerful Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team model, learning and practicing the behaviors that will make your team more cohesive and improve its performance.

Here’s what you can expect after you complete the program. Your team will:

  • have a clear sense of how they see each other and how the team is performing as a unit
  • have a better understanding of the personality styles of each of its members
  • be able to identify the trust building behaviors that can guide an action planning process
  • understand its approach to conflict, learn how to identify conflict-related behaviors that get in the way of progress, and be able to develop an action plan to achieve a productive approach to conflict
  • have a working definition of commitment and know how to create more clarity and buy in from each other
  • have a set of behavioral ground rules that will help drive commitment and increase it when necessary
  • be able to identify accountability-related behaviors, more effectively and positively hold each other accountable, and implement an action plan to improve overall accountability
  • know how to better track progress toward your goals and how to remedy any shortcomings that are preventing you from moving forward
  • know exactly what each member is committed to working on and how to adjust and modify as goals are achieved and/or circumstances change



This transformational team program is not for every team; however, if your team is ready to come together to achieve more than they ever have before, the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team may be exactly what you need. If you’re ready to get your team on the same page so that they consistently produce stellar results, sign up below and we will get the conversation started.