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Tailor Made Consulting Solutions To Fit Your Needs

At Powers Resource Center we know clever tactics that drive short-term results are a dime a dozen. They’re sexy and shiny but have little substance. That’s not useful. What is useful is creating a CUSTOMIZED strategy that will help you…

  • Boost employee engagement
  • Keep your foot on the gas so you don’t miss any opportunities or slow yourself down
  • Grow and maintain growth over the long haul
  • Develop your top talent
  • Transform your workplace so that leaders want to stay, customers keep coming back, and you’re making the kind of impact that drives results

“I sought Tara’s help in implementing a shared leadership model with the administrative team at the school. Tara designed workshops and training sessions to help us reach our goals. She also provided many resources that have been helpful for the individuals on the team to read outside of the workshop training time. Tara helped us define a shared leadership structure, and helped us identify how we could put this model in place at the school given our unique variables (moving from theory to action). She also gave suggestions for running effective meetings and helped improve team dynamics by facilitating an increased understanding of individuals’ styles. The results that we have seen include improved team dynamics, more effective working relationships and more efficient meetings.” – Kelly, Executive Director of Education

If we’ve learned anything over the past 15 years of consulting and training, it’s that no two companies are the same and what works ideally for one doesn’t for another. That’s why our priority is providing organizational development consulting solutions that are tailor made for our clients.

Here are ways we customize development solutions specifically for you.

Worried about ROI when it comes to developing your workforce?

Partner with PRC to perform the due diligence necessary before implementing any type of training initiative. Together we’ll use our A5 Organizational Development Consulting Process© to ensure that whatever investment you make to address the needs of your leaders and teams makes good business sense and will accelerate your results.

“Tara’s training helped us improve our positive customer responses from 63% to 81% and our negative responses from 27% to 14% over a 3 month period.” – Ashley, Sr. Manager Customer Operations, GHX

graphic with cogs which depict the organizational consulting process

Do you need a custom Leadership Development Program launched and ready to go this year?

We work with companies and organizations to design organizational development initiatives from beginning to end. As your partner in the process, we will use a variety of tools and surveys to assess your current situation and identify how to move you forward. Depending on your needs, we’ll use a combination of in-person workshops, webinars, videos, e-learning, book reading, internal SME’s and roundtables to be effective, timely and meet your budget. We’re prepared to create customized leadership development programs, transformational  team building programs, communications and logistics for the launch of your organization-wide training initiatives, and much more.

Is your organization failing to achieve results because your employees aren’t engaged? 

Through nearly 20 years of research, we know that not all engagement is created equal. The enthusiasm and commitment of engaged employees must be targeted to create a competitive advantage for the organization. In partnership with Newmeasures survey experts, Powers Resource Center works with clients to create a customized employee engagement survey that’s designed to uncover barriers that may be getting in the way of your organization’s success.

Is your company culture aligned with your strategy?  

Without intentionality, organizational culture takes on a life of its own. Understanding culture and how it aligns to the strategy of the organization is critical. A successful culture balances a people focus with achieving results. It looks both internally and externally to maximize a positive impact on all stakeholders. An ideal organizational culture is one that is stable in terms of mission and values yet flexible enough to adapt to changes in the external environment. Our Culture Acceleration survey is designed to help organizations like yours define and diagnose your organizational culture to determine if it is healthy and well aligned with the your overall business strategy.

Are you looking for a leadership 360 survey to meet your unique needs?

Because we know that integration and alignment with your values and competencies is a priority when rolling out a 360 process, we can work with you to fully customize your 360 experience and evaluate leaders on behaviors and values that are most important to your organization.

Does your HR and Training department need to accomplish more in less time?

We can work together to accelerate your learning and development process without losing any of the key aspects that produce transformational results. We may suggest an overhaul to current programs, such as incorporating assessment tools, surveys, mobile video or e-learning. We might recommend ideas such as adding important learning transfer elements to your leadership training programs, incorporating mentoring or coaching, or hand picking from our library of content to quickly meet your needs.

Our partnership commitment to you:

  • To serve as a catalyst for extraordinary change.

  • To provide extreme customization of our consulting and training programs.

  • To deliver the kind of results that make you want to do the happy dance (and we’re not kidding!)

If you’re ready to sign up those kinds of results, contact PRC today to discuss the solution that’s right for your company. From our award winning Evolving Leader Virtual Program to our programs that Build Team Trust, to our passion for Building Leadership Capacity, to our fully customized, soup to nuts organizational development initiatives, we have something that will help you get the job done.

Let us know how we can help with your organizational development needs.