Our passion is working with new, evolving and executive teams
to make team development a priority.

Our Team Building Retreats are highly CUSTOMIZED to ensure that your teams create the leverage they need to accelerate results.

“I have worked with Tara and PRC on two occasions where she was asked to develop and deliver a fully customized team development program. On each occasion Tara listened to our needs and responded by building a targeted, creative and impactful curriculum as well as outstanding supporting collaterals that perfectly met the needs of my organization. In addition to professional excellence, I have found Tara to be a caring and committed business partner who is fully invested in the success of her clients. Her positive energy, personable approach and deep subject matter expertise make her the ideal partner for enhancing the quality and outcomes of any team meeting or professional development program.” – Scott Pettingell, Healthcare IT Executive

Who Are Team Building Retreats For?
Retreats are ideal for…

  • Teams that are looking for an in-depth and highly customized strategic plan to help them group-coachingreach their objectives more quickly and with a lot less friction
  • Newly formed teams
  • Teams that have changed members recently
  • Teams whose individual members are not on the same page – and are having a very difficult time getting there
  • Teams that have trouble managing conflict, which is preventing them from moving forward on important initiatives
  • Executive teams that have a big agenda but are having trouble achieving results

What Should You Expect?

During our 1-5 day retreats we’ll help your teams become better collaborators, create urgency, produce consistent results, and use proven tools to help you sustain your momentum over the short and long-term.

Graphic Recording Option: PRC offers a graphic recording option so that your team receives a live, large scale visual capture of your event.

Vision, Values Nature in the City Graphic Chart 10.29.14

Here a just a few of the team outcomes that happen at our team building retreats:

  • Construct a process for implementing a new strategic plan
  • Develop effective team agreements
  • Define team values, vision and culture
  • Clarify team roles and understand each team members’ style
  • Establish clear objectives so that each individual on the team can take ownership and excel
  • Leverage each team members’ strengths and talents so innovation can happen
  • Improve communication within the team
  • Create a team culture and a foundation that is based on collaboration, trust and respect
  • Get up to speed more quickly when new members join
  • Reduce and minimize role confusion and rework
  • Minimize conflict by focusing on shared goals

“Our annual staff retreat was made successful by PRC’s thoughtful planning. Tara listened carefully and reviewed our annual work plan, core values, and other documents in order to incorporate them into a customer service retreat focus that really pertained to our issues. Tara was great about making sure our team members understood the content of the presentation, particularly in regard to DISC. She was very conscientious of different learning styles, i.e. audio learners, visual learners, incorporating activities, etc. The customized customer service training by PRC will definitely help our staff deal with difficult customers in a positive manner. The staff was excited to be able to create actual strategies for working with our most trying customers!” Executive Director, Fort Collins Housing Authority

How Does This Work?

The first time we meet we will go through a comprehensive assessment to identify your primary needs and then we’ll create a customized retreat plan for your team so that you will be able to measure your return on investment.

What’s Next?

If you’re ready to get your executive and/or high potential teams on the same page so that they consistently produce stellar results, then I invite you to contact us at 720.295.3302 or email us at info@powersresourcecenter.com.

We will then set up a time to discuss your current situation, the most pressing obstacles your teams are facing, and the results you’d like your teams to achieve. From there we can create a plan for a 1-5 day Team Building Retreat that will meet all of your needs and determine the perfect location for your team retreat.

*Powers Resource Center works closely with Devil’s Thumb Ranch and the St. Julien Hotel and Spa for team building retreats in the Colorado area.